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Berkeley Dining is committed to serving nutritious & sustainable food. In addition to focusing on plant-forward cooking, Berkeley Dining prioritizes ingredients from producers that practice environmental and social responsibility. We adhere to the principles of Menus of Change including:

  • Be transparent. We want our customers to know how their food was produced, including information on labor, animal welfare, and environmental practices. The products below are consistently sourced. Other products might change regularly. If you have any questions about where our food is sourced from, please reach out.
  • Fresh and seasonal, both local and global. We strive to source fresh, peak-of-season from farms practicing sustainable operations both locally and globally.
  • Plant-forward.  Whether you follow a plant-based diet or not, we aim to increase the ratio of plant-based foods on every plate. Our carbon footprint menu icons help customers recognize which menu options have the lowest carbon footprint. When animal products are sourced, we prioritize those certified for humane treatment.
  • Focus on whole, minimally processed foods. We focus on serving whole ingredients and work to reduce processed foods in our kitchens and operations. 

We define sustainable food according to the University of California Policy on Sustainable Practices (PDF).

Explore our sustainable food options!