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Use Your Meal Plan Flex Dollars on Grubhub

Your flex dollars have even more flex! Any meal plan with flex dollars can now be used to order pick-up and delivery through any Grubhub location (so you can use it whether you are on campus or traveling home).

Use meal plan flex dollars from on-campus and off-campus meal plans, add-on flex dollars, as well as faculty and staff flex dollars. It’s a quick and easy way to order and pay for your food. And you’ll automatically get access to Grubhub+ at no extra cost.


Use your flex dollars wherever Grubhub is offered

  • Step 1: Download the Grubhub app and create your account
  • Step 2: Tap Account > Campus Dining > and find University of California, Berkeley
  • Step 3: Select Add Affiliation > Select if you are a student, faculty, staff, or guest
  • Step 4: Choose “Add Campus Card” and enter CalNet authentication*
  • Step 5: Pick a restaurant, place your order, and choose “Continue to checkout”
  • Step 6: On the “Select a payment method” screen, choose from the drop menu “UC Berkeley” then be sure to select “Berkeley Dining Meal Plan”.
  • Step 7: Get ready to enjoy!

Get started today by setting up your Grubhub account with your meal plan flex dollars, and give your taste buds more options.

Please note that your flex dollars can only be used on Grubhub for food and beverage purchases. Flex dollars cannot be used for any alcohol or tobacco products. 

*All students who  “Add Campus Card” and affiliate with UC Berkeley will have the ability to use both Berkeley Dining Meal Plan flex dollars and Cal 1 Card debit funds. Note that your Cal 1 Card debit is a separate feature unrelated to your meal plan. Learn more about Cal 1 Card debit.